High-quality property management services locally

We find and take care

We are a property maintenance service group consisting of local service units. Our services are maintenance of outdoor areas, cleaning and several kind of maintenance of both residential and commercial real estates.

We see it and fix it! We want to provide our customers with a comfortable, well-maintained living environment and cost-effective maintenance services that ensure the property’s value. The cornerstones of our operations are local knowledge as well as active and predictive maintenance. With our model based on local units, we are able to combine the flexible customer service of a small maintenance company with the stability and resources of a large company. This results in good quality and a pleased customers.

The group also includes Cateva Oy, which provides various kind of services to facilities: technical services, civil engineering, HVAC, electrical installation, excavation works, landscaping services, renovation and damage repair services.

We are part of PHM Group. PHM Group operate in Finland, in Sweden, in Norway, in Denmark and in Germany. The group employs over 7 000 property maintenance professionals.